ticketworks - Australia (AU)

features of our ticketing platform

List of features on ticketworks that are available to event organisers and venue operators.

online ticket reporting events


Options for your event allowing you to track in real time.

ticket scanned event entry


Tickets can be either scanned for entry or validated by list.

ticket and event management tools


Manage all your events in one spot including different event types.

event mobile apps


We have an app for that. We can build a customised solution to have your event on a mobile application.

event sellers ticketing and event support


We support your business and ensure a fast turn around response for requests.

event and ticket customisation


Customised event solutions including white label or event pages showing off your events unique look.

online ticket software for events

In The Cloud

Our software is utilised as a service, allowing no need for updates to software.

faster payments out for completed events


Once your event has ended, we finalise payment to your account the following business day.*

we verify events operators on our platform

Verified Business

On our system we verify event operators allowing confidence when purchasing tickets.

flexible pricing on our platform

Flexible Pricing

Choose to either charge or not pass on our pricing charges on tickets.

ticket delivery via SMS, digital wallets or e-mail

Ticket Delivery

SMS, digital wallets or e-mail, our solution covers all aspects of ticket delivery, reducing costs and saving the environment too.

integration with other platforms


Our system integrates with other platforms to help promote your event.

* Conditions Apply: With no charge backs or refunds that are required, we will pay out the completed event the next business day. Otherwise this will be completed within the standard 5-7 business days from event being completed.