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Event Preparation For Organisers (COVID-19)
What safety preparation needs to be undertaken for an event?

It is important to have a plan in place to handle guests and patrons alike. Make sure that all staff and volunteers are aware and adhere to the plan you have in place for COVID-19.

Requirements that may need to be undertaken include;

  1. Staff to undertake a COVID-19 test before the event and on every day of the event that they attend
  2. A requirement for staff to be fully vaccinated (this may also include booster shots) and a up to date vaccination certificate / passport to be shown to event organisers and recorded for government requirements

Basic steps for event organisers to undertake include;

  • Reduce Attendance Numbers to adhere to Venue Capacity restrictions
  • Cleaning Contractors with experience to complete a deep clean
  • Space out patrons
  • Minimise contact between staff, volunteers and patrons
  • Use contact-less systems for payment
  • Ask patrons to stay home if they are unwell
  • Clean before, during and after the event all possible contact surfaces

With regular cleaning and other measures in place for your event you can limit the possible potential outbreak and limit the spread.

For further information you should either contact or visit your government health department's website for details around preparing for your event.

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