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frequently asked questions for ticket purchases on ticketworks

Communication With Us
When does ticketworks communicate or send correspondence?

At ticketworks the only time we communicate with you ('the customer') is in the following circumstances;

  • At the time of ticket purchase (email receipt and delivery of the tickets)
  • Event updates on tickets that you have purchased
  • Cancelled event that you have purchased tickets for
  • Subscribed to any of ticketworks email lists (upcoming events, etc.)

When communicating with us at ticketworks, we will only ask for an identifier (either a reference number, receipt number, etc) and basic contact details (that are already on file) directly regarding the enquiry or with the ticket purchase.

With ticket purchases, we will only communicate with the person who actually purchased the tickets and holds the receipt and with their billing details on file.

We will never ask for your login details, passwords or other personal details unrelated to your ticket purchase or enquiry.

We will never ask for any credit card or banking details when communicating with us at ticketworks and never asking for money to be forwarded or directly paid to us.

If any of the following does occur and you suspect something wrong, please contact us at ticketworks to report it, as this would be likely a scam and not from us.

Do you have a question that is not covered here?

Contact us via email and we'll answer any additional questions you may have that is not currently covered on our website.

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