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event ticketing solutions

Event organisers have your event ticketing setup fast and start selling tickets online.

Setting up and managing an event can be a lot of hard work. At ticketworks we ensure that at least setting up your online ticketing for event organisers easier, allowing you to focus more on running your event.

With different options available allowing event organisers to promote and ensuring that your event ticketing requirements are completed quickly.

Key aspects and features;

  • Easy To Use
  • Event Reporting
  • Online Ticketing & Services
  • Box Office Management

Suitable for;

  • Conferences, Corporate & Business Events
  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Theatres
  • Clubs
  • Venues
  • Schools & Universities

View our current pricing for ticketing your events or complete our estimate form for business, complex and larger events. You can also contact us at ticketworks for more information to get your event selling tickets today.