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Getting Ready For Your Event

Friday, 05 July 2019

Some simple tips for getting ready for your event.

We often find ourselves at ticketworks advising people who are nervous of having to the run and host their first event without having to stress out during it. Here are some simple steps that you can do to help ease yourself and be comfortable with hosting your event.

1. Prepare

Any event always requires preparation to ensure a smooth running event. List everything that needs to be done. Everything from venue, hiring, equipment, refreshments and staffing (with licences and permits required) and including what is needed and pricing.

2. Check Things

Make sure that you have your checklists done and up to date. This helps you plan and action any items that will require your full attention.

Create checklists for;

  • Equipment Required For Event
  • Outline of Event - Requirements
  • Providers, People, Staff & Tasks
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Budget & Costings Spreadsheet

3. On The Day

Having all the bits and pieces required on the day is important. Make sure that you have all the equipment, staff and resources at hand and set up before your guests arrive.

Have a briefing on the day a few hours before the event with everyone there. Ensure that you go over the basics with your front and back of house staff. Covering off who is in charge of what and to ensure that all the training is covered off including checking any OH&S potential problems.

Have staff or volunteers have assigned tasks and a person who's in charge of them. This allows decision making quickly without confusion.

4. Carry On & Stay Calm

If anything goes wrong (and it generally does – if planned almost none), don't sweat it, it you've done all the planning and setup most problems can be overcome. The main thing is to stay calm and carry on.

Ensure that you have one person in charge (from briefing on day of event) to ensure that if any questions that no confusion with who's in charge to make any decision that may be required. Delegate tasks as needed.

5. Wrap Up

After any event always complete a de-brief and ensure that any learning are done as soon as possible. Best to do this the day after, or if the event is over a duration, to complete at the end of every day of the event to assist and fine tune for the next briefing, generally either the next day (for duration) or for the next event.


However after all that, it's important to have fun and enjoy the event yourself as well.

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