ticketworks - Australia (AU)

Events Organiser Policy on ticketworks

Last Updated on April, 30 2019.

Conditions set out by ticketworks for event organisers

  1. Event Content

    Event organisers are responsible for the accuracy of event details and the content that they maintain as part of their account.

  2. Ticket Resale / Ticket Scalping

    Any event or account that conducts in ticket reselling that is not the official event organiser will result in suspension or termination of account.

  3. Acceptable Usage

    General event content content is checked and normally passed as acceptable content, however ticketworks has some following guidelines around non-acceptable content and its usage and restriction.

    Some restricted content will be allowed however must be under a private event and not able to be searched due to the restricted nature of the material deemed in an adult nature. (18+ Adult Content).

  4. Non-Acceptable Usage

    In relation to content that is not acceptable, the content must not contain the following:

    1. Hate Speech (Race / Religion / Other)
    2. Sexism
    3. Violence
    4. Questionable Material

    Other material covered in this section that may be considered questionable will be subjected to both a restriction and is subject to approval for restricted access during the content approval / review process.

    Based on outcome of decision from content review process, notice will be given to either update or remove. This decision may also decide suspension or termination of account.

    Any content that has breached the following policy will result in suspension or termination of the event and account.

  1. Third Party

    ticketworks is not responsible for the accuracy of the content or any other third party links outside our website.

  2. Refunds Policy

    Depending on the request and when we can arrange a refund no later than 24 hours before the event, otherwise we cannot refund due to our policies we have in relation to event organisers that we do not refund any request from 24 hours before the actual event.

    ticketworks adheres to the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice around policies regarding events and this also extends to include all account holders.

  3. Alterations to Event

    If any condition changes to the event, it is up to the event organiser to contact us at ticketworks directly to start to advise of changes to event information.

  4. Data Collection

    More information around data collection and its usage, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  5. Suspension or Termination of Account

    Any of the conditions from the policy as set out from ticketworks that is found to be in breach will result in suspension or termination of the event and any associated accounts.

  6. Entire Agreement

    As set out in the Events Organiser Policy, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, the account holder agrees to all of the conditions from these agreements.